The Unpredictability of Carter Ace

*Random bit of useless information alert: We're currently listening to Frozen sipping on a slurpee.*

Ok back to the music. Carter Ace has been on our radar for a while since I Think I'm Normal dropped. If you have haven't see the amazing video watch it here.

He's also recently become Tik Tok famous and if you follow him...well you'll know why. Like his music, Carter is an open book, sharing real life struggles with fans while also just being generally weird and unpredictable.. which we love. 

He tones things down with his latest track "Frozen" a soulful ode to being stuck, not getting closure and regret. But... the track mindfucks you on minute 2:35 he switches things up. The song transforms reflecting moments of clarity almost reversing this initial sadness to "nah, I'm going to keep on doing this shit no matter what," mode. 


Peep the song here:



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