The Rapper Cliché: Opinion

Drugs. Weed. Women. 

It's getting a bit old no? The whole rapper cliché. But there are a few rappers who have broken the stereotype and upcoming rappers who are now doing the same.

One upcoming rapper that comes to mind is Baltimore's Jayy Grams. His grind is crazy and not only is he constantly working on this artistry but he seems hella focused and respectful. We also don't see him lighting up on the gram. 

The whole association with weed and music obviously has been around for decades maybe even longer but it's kind of overdone right? Sure we have nothing against lighting up but artists in 2021 should be working a bit harder to set up a different image to stand out. 

"If your whole image is lighting up, showing your bud on the gram, that's also the image for 10,000 other rappers. How are you going to stand out?" 

Should artists be working harder to find their own image? Leave your comments below. 









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