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Slowly eroding pandemic vibes, sun tans and hoe plans.  We've dished up some global delicacies from Baltimore's Jayy Grams to UK based soulful hip-hop trio Jungle Brown to get you feeling back to your old pre-pandemic days. Remember that you? Wtf happened.... Less Talk - More Music. Listen to the BROKE CLUB #1 PLAYLIST now. 

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Why you need to be listening to: YTK

YTK aka the greater creator was a discovery made at precisely January 12 at around 2pm. with the song Gilligan from this 2020 record From Grace, for Grace. Here's the lowdown:  Genre: lo-fi R&B and chill-hop, good lyrics, intellectual rap Origin: Baltimore, Maryland Songs you'll play on repeat: Gilligan, Straight Drop, Rosethroat

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The Slowthai x A$AP Rocky Collab and why it's trash 🗑

Woke up a few days ago to the news of a collab between two of my favourite rappers: UK based Slowthai and NYC A$AP Rocky. Played the song. Instant wtf?  If we were to pretty much describe what the song sounds like:  "It sounds like Slowthai and A$AP just wanted to collab any which way how. It sounds like the guys got into a zoom call and wrote the song within 2 minutes....and don't get me started on the really pointless video with is pretty much a culmination of a really old snapchat filter.  The song has no memorable beat. Slowthai's voice does not gel well with A$AP's and the only decent bit is A$AP Rocky's section.  Seems to me...

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