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Why you should be listenin’ to Kasien & Kelvin Krash… ASAP

Why you should be listenin’ to Kasien & Kelvin Krash… ASAP

Ok so we fuckin hate it when ppl say ASAP. Is it really vital that we drop everything we're doin', it is really life and death? 

Low it this time.
K2’s EP. Listen to this ASAP.

A concoction of UK rap and some cray sounds, the London based duo are ones to watch. Stand out track has to be 6FT UNDER, a homage to the hustle with lines like: 

This is my yard now / better take your shoes off
Yeah, respect it, I work hard, now I'm collectin'
I made it this far, It's a blessing 

We're also rating...

TIME: perfect for moshing and givin a little bit of explosive energy to a room while CSWS aka Can’t Stop Won’t Stop is the song for a self made boss. 

So yeah stop wasting time reading this damn thing and go listen here. ASAPPPPPP 

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Last Semester Project

Last Semester is the brain child of Bayou and Joshua (find them here @last.semester on Insta.) Ok so here's the deal..

The project was written over two and a half months, obviously about the Last Semester of school. What we love about the pair is not only are they insanely talented but they also write real. They ain't pretending to write about shit they don't know. They're authentic, it's real and we feel it. 

Standout tracks:

Lille (cos we love how melancholy and catchy it is) with lyrics like Rest in peace to the dream / Rest in peace to the child inside of me. (yo but for real calm down you guys still young.)

In Prom Bayou starts off the track with an arabic verse. Hell we don't know what he's sayin but then the track goes into a rubber duck squeak as the the guys talk about asking a girl to prom. The fear of rejection, the insecurities, the pride. Pretty much the mixed emotions running through a teenagers mind. Again. It's this realness in this project that we fucking love. 

Rattlesnake Joshua shows off this musical chops in a song about girls playin them. Tbh this is our first time hearing Joshua rap and do his thing and we are more than impressed. The guy produces too... 

Closing off this project is Float featuring the beautiful voice of Sana. This track is just gorgeous with final goodbyes to a city that is just a pitstop to the bright futures of these 2 young kings. 

Check out the full project here.




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Hailing from Los Angeles comes a man who's music is pretty much as fresh as this field he's laying on for his latest video On Gawd.

We first discovered him maybe a year ago on Soundcloud with his track Atmosphere and sealed our love affair with his music and just general persona with I Think I'm Normal

In On Gawd, he continues to amuse and confuse us by performing in front of a group of the cute aunties and then suddenly waking up in a field, scratching his head, wondering if he just woke up from a dream. 

That's what we love about him. He's unpredictable, his music is good vibes, different and the man is humble as fuck. Pree his latest video On Gawd below. 

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We've been fans of this Coventry-based artist since he dropped his powerful track Redemption last year followed by Paranoia and Electric Freestyle. 

On his latest release, Falling, he takes things slow, analyzing the deterioration of a relationship (or hey was it even a relationship?) comparing it to: 

Falling like the keys on Alicia/ Falling like the crumbs from a reefer. 

Cos you just wanna hold onto your options,

Not one of,  Not one of them's me 

And if I fall and I don't call,  just know I'm broken 

Ok by the sounds of this verse, we're sure things are a still a bit shaky implying the lady in question is pretty much hoe-ing around or maybe he just ain't the one. Either way, we feel ya Jevon. Sometimes you can't always get what you want. 

Pree the song below. 




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So if you don't currently know what's going down in Sudan...this latest track SUDANIA by Omar Majid ft G Salih, AidyProof, AKA Keyz gives us an honest and powerful insight into what the people there have had to face. The 30+ year old dictatorship regime has left a dark mark on the city, with poverty, suppression, oppression and violence rife. Honestly speaking, it's only now we've (Broke Club) slowly started to become educated on the situation in Sudan. And this song hopefully can educate many more on a truth that simply can't just be ignored. 

Peep the video below. 

WARNING:  The video contains some bits viewers may find offensive but you should probably watch it to see what's actually going on in the world instead of watching make-up tutorials or streetwear grids. Educate yourself. 

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Still recovering from last week's WVY? Well we hope you all rested upzz. This weekend's looking busy.



Event: Liquid Chaos Day: Friday 29th March 

Location: Satellite, Al Serkal 

First up Liquid Chaos brings us an exciting line up this Friday set in the cosy Satellite. On stage: Zirra, Thaoban, Sizer, Teei Weei, Saugodd, The Famous Guy and She Loves Haris. 


Good vibes, moshing but also some strong acoustic bits mixed with the coolest rising talent in Dubai right now. Young + talented. 


Make sure you wear your sneakers girls and also make sure your phone is charged. You're gonna need that light. And bring food cos Al Serkal stuff is pretty pricey. 



Event: 10 Years of the Recipe  Day: Friday 29th March 

Location: Queen Elizabeth 2 Boat

Ok next up...this 10 Years of The Recipe thing I guess hosted by Red Bull Music. So its pretty much on that Queen Elizabeth 2 Boat and it's gotta a pretty solid line up with Abri, Freek, Moh Flow, A'Y, Pavan from Foreign Beggars, TAC and 1TakeNandos, DJ Liutik, DJ Jay Phat and DJ Shero. Decent right?  



Judging by the social campaign it looks proper organised and looks like a good night out with a solid bill. If you're Under 21 probably expect not to get in unless you have a good fake ID. 


Stay hydrated. 



Event: amongst few & Miss Lilly's DXB present: SERIOUS TINGS: a cafe takeover  @amongstfewcafe ft. lily’s selecta’s, bbq & merch  Day: Saturday 29th March, 4-8pm

Location: Amongst Few Cafe



Backyard BBQ vibes with your best mates, winding down from the regrettable up amounts of alcohol you had the night before most probably. Food will probably be amazing and yeah you'll probably wanna get your hands on their merch. 


Probs get in early. We have a feeling its gonna be packed and the food will probably fly off quick cos its so good.  


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The Rise of Kojey Radical

The Rise of Kojey Radical

Some artists are all hype. You know they have a hit song and then they just kinda play on that for a while until they disappear and start making those Dubai club appearances when they run outta money.

Kojey Radical is not that.

An artist foremost, Kojey speaks and sings in the form of a poet with catchy AF melodies matched with strong and thought provoking visuals. His latest song 25 Ft KZ is no exception. "25" pretty much runs through his transition to adulthood and possibly his feelings on fame with: Between the fake love, new money and fast women/I feel jealousy, broken mirrors and false image/There's some pride cues, love hurts when that's a giving/I know many men tried to block on my position."

Prediction: Kojey will take over the world in 2019. 

Pree his new video "25" below. 


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If you haven't heard of Tobi Sunmola...you better wake the f*ck up

If you haven't heard of Tobi Sunmola...you better wake the f*ck up

Coming straight outta Manchester is no other than Tobi Sunmola. He's been on our radar ever since he dropped City of Dreams and Be My Lover last year. We don't know exactly what to class this music as which is kinda a good thing. Ok sure you can put him under the Hip Hop/ Rap genre if you wanna be lazy, but he really is so much more. He's experimental, he's got soul and yeah he throws an occasional piano and string section in there. 

What inspired his latest track Amazing Grace? 

"I made the track from a place of feeling like I had nothing left to lose. I had this picture in my head of a man falling infinitely and not knowing whether he would survive or not but he smiles as he falls. Whether he believes it or not there’s still that 1% chance that he could survive the crash and he’s aware but prepared for either outcome."

And that video though? 

"The video in itself is for me inspired by my favourite movies that lead you down a trail and at the end completely flip the concept of what you think it is, on its head. One of my favourite movies being Shutter Island I wanted to make something that will leave you asking questions and debates with friends about its meaning." 

Pree his his new video Amazing Grace below. 


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