Is PVRX the new Weeknd?


Is PVRX the new Weeknd?

Hailing from Toronto comes PVRX. The new WEEKND? Nah, we're just headline grabbing. He's in his own right one of the most refreshing talents to hit these earphones in a while. And yo... he's got a story. 

So according to Def Jam, he was raised in the Rexdale housing projects, was arrested and placed in a juvenile detention center when he was just 15. But lucky for us he pretty much focused on music, got involved in a program called The Remix Project and the rest is history. 

His latest release 3:14 is diary of his Rexdale life (which when you google Rexdale in news you pretty much come up with shootings, stabbings and more shootings.) On track 1, Nun New, he relives this with: 

Probably think I'm living wrong, product of my neighbourhood / You hope I slip and fall
Pass the rock, we give and go

The pyrex in the kitchen, mama in the living room
She know what's going on, none of us ain't perfect
I remember, I remember all the good and the bad times
I was always like that bad but good guy
My father wasn't round enough to teach me
Roundin' up my team, We grindin' out in these streets

Melodic rap, determined lyrics and pretty f*cking inspirational if you ask us, get on Spotify, Apple Music or whatever you using and listen to 3:14 right now. Cos we haven't heard anything like this in while. 

Stand Out Tracks: Stay With Me, Nun New & Fortune, Sorry In Advance Militant