JUGGER - the soundtrack to your nightmares


JUGGER - the soundtrack to your nightmares

Uneasy, angry and dark, JUGGER's (or JUXGER on the gram) latest release Psyco is just that.

Apparently according to inter webbing sources he's the first Canadian rapper to drop a debut project from jail but he's not letting that be his claim to fame.

The 7 track project is consistent and also therapeutic. The kinda music you listen to accompany a fucked up sorta day when you wake up and find someone's hacked into your Uber and taking rides in San Fran under your expense. True story bro.

Anyway back to JUGGER. Project credits include Executive Producer WondaGurl who's worked on tracks with Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Jay Z, Drake and Kanye West. 

Stand out tracks: Arc'y Boyz, Monsters Live At Night, Excuse Me & Dark Lit

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