Last Semester Project

Last Semester is the brain child of Bayou and Joshua (find them here @last.semester on Insta.) Ok so here's the deal..

The project was written over two and a half months, obviously about the Last Semester of school. What we love about the pair is not only are they insanely talented but they also write real. They ain't pretending to write about shit they don't know. They're authentic, it's real and we feel it. 

Standout tracks:

Lille (cos we love how melancholy and catchy it is) with lyrics like Rest in peace to the dream / Rest in peace to the child inside of me. (yo but for real calm down you guys still young.)

In Prom Bayou starts off the track with an arabic verse. Hell we don't know what he's sayin but then the track goes into a rubber duck squeak as the the guys talk about asking a girl to prom. The fear of rejection, the insecurities, the pride. Pretty much the mixed emotions running through a teenagers mind. Again. It's this realness in this project that we fucking love. 

Rattlesnake Joshua shows off this musical chops in a song about girls playin them. Tbh this is our first time hearing Joshua rap and do his thing and we are more than impressed. The guy produces too... 

Closing off this project is Float featuring the beautiful voice of Sana. This track is just gorgeous with final goodbyes to a city that is just a pitstop to the bright futures of these 2 young kings. 

Check out the full project here.