The Rise of Kojey Radical


The Rise of Kojey Radical

Some artists are all hype. You know they have a hit song and then they just kinda play on that for a while until they disappear and start making those Dubai club appearances when they run outta money.

Kojey Radical is not that.

An artist foremost, Kojey speaks and sings in the form of a poet with catchy AF melodies matched with strong and thought provoking visuals. His latest song 25 Ft KZ is no exception. "25" pretty much runs through his transition to adulthood and possibly his feelings on fame with: Between the fake love, new money and fast women/I feel jealousy, broken mirrors and false image/There's some pride cues, love hurts when that's a giving/I know many men tried to block on my position."

Prediction: Kojey will take over the world in 2019. 

Pree his new video "25" below.