If you haven't heard of Tobi Sunmola...you better wake the f*ck up


If you haven't heard of Tobi Sunmola...you better wake the f*ck up

Coming straight outta Manchester is no other than Tobi Sunmola. He's been on our radar ever since he dropped City of Dreams and Be My Lover last year. We don't know exactly what to class this music as which is kinda a good thing. Ok sure you can put him under the Hip Hop/ Rap genre if you wanna be lazy, but he really is so much more. He's experimental, he's got soul and yeah he throws an occasional piano and string section in there. 

What inspired his latest track Amazing Grace? 

"I made the track from a place of feeling like I had nothing left to lose. I had this picture in my head of a man falling infinitely and not knowing whether he would survive or not but he smiles as he falls. Whether he believes it or not there’s still that 1% chance that he could survive the crash and he’s aware but prepared for either outcome."

And that video though? 

"The video in itself is for me inspired by my favourite movies that lead you down a trail and at the end completely flip the concept of what you think it is, on its head. One of my favourite movies being Shutter Island I wanted to make something that will leave you asking questions and debates with friends about its meaning." 

Pree his his new video Amazing Grace below.